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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

You can look at a domain name like the address of building! It’s the way people find your business or home. When looking for a website, you type in the domain name and you get taken to it.

If we look to your domain name as an address, then your web hosting service is the actual, physical building. Once your domain name is set to point to your server, you’ll get taken to the said website. If not for domain names, we would have to access websites by their IP addresses, which would be way too hard to memorise.

Almost every website you use in your day to day life has a domain name. For example, the name of a company is Twitter, while their domain name is twitter.com

There can be many different kinds of domain names, but all of them consist of two main parts. The label and the TLD. In the case of cloudmagika.com, the label would be cloudmagika, while the TLD is .in. Extensions or top-level domains are the strings of text that go after the label.

There are millions of registered domain names. The architecture of these systems is managed by ICAAN or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Every now and then ICAAN announces a new set of officially recognized generic TLDs (gTLD). Some of the more recent ones are .bike, .clothing, .guru and others.

There is a nearly unlimited amount of potential domain names, but some of the more popular TLD and word pairings are reserved. For example, it’s quite hard to find a domain with the .com TLD that has a dictionary word as the label.

To register a domain, you need to do it through a recognized and approved registrar, such as cloudmagika. Once you do that, you have the rights to use the domain for a set period.

Once you become the proud owner of your very own domain, you need to point it to the server which will host your website. This process can take up to 72 hours. It all depends on how quickly internet providers update their records.

A domain name can do more than just point visitors to your website! You can create subdomains e.g. subdomain.domain.in, or set up a domain based email! You can also set up forwarders, which will help people get to your website if they type in the wrong TLD.

An important thing to keep in mind is that when you register a domain name - it is your property. That means you can take a domain from a registrar you purchased it at and move the domain name over to a different hosting provider.

When forming an online presence, having a good domain name is incredibly important. It’s the first impression you make to potential clients. Nothing looks word than a free subdomain like brand.wordpress.com. When you invest in a domain name, you show your visitors that you care about your brand.

Another good reason for having your domain name is the fact that you will always be in control. E.g. if you are an eBay reseller and the company all of a sudden changes their terms, making them no longer in your favour, you might run into trouble. But when you have your own domain or website, you’ll be the one making the changes!

It gives you other kinds of freedom as well! Once the domain name is yours, you get to control all associated email addresses, subdomains and other related features. You don’t need to rely on anyone else!

Lastly, having your own domain name gives you one more massive benefit! It can change the way your website ranks in search engine result pages! When you get a personal domain name, you get the ranking for your specific website, and not someone else's. Keep in mind, that when you think you know what domain name you want, you should get it as soon as possible! The longer your domain name exists - the better search result rank it will have!

We can’t give you a definitive answer, but we can give you some advice, that will help you pick the perfect domain name! You’re the person who knows your project best - only you will know when you find the right one.

A good place to start is simply trying to search for a domain name that is your business’ name. That might give you an easy option, that will represent your project well. If it’s available, all you need to do then is registering it.

Keep in mind, that when looking for the desired domain name, you might struggle when trying to find dictionary words paired with .com TLDs. The good news is that with a little bit of creativity everything is possible. Here’s where you will fall in love with our domain checker. It will take your entries and provide you with suggestions, alternatives and different TLDs.

When you look for a domain name, you should take inspiration from the many success stories of the internet! What do Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and other services have in common? They’re all just two words combined into one! These services had a head start because they were memorable and catchy.

Once you secure a domain name, you might want to check if popular forums and social media pages have it available as a username. If they are, you should register and secure those accounts. That way you can guarantee that no one is going to spread information in the name of your brand without your knowledge.

Lastly, don’t forget that you can own multiple domain names. With them you can secure your brand name, preventing fraudulent websites in the same name under a different TLD and set up forwarders that will take users that mistype your website to the real one.

After you register and purchase a domain name, you will be its owner for a set period. You can sell it or transfer ownership to another person.

However if you would like a new domain name, the process of getting one is really easy! You just need to follow the same stapes you took when buying the first one!

A think you should remember is that you can change the domain that directs to your website, but it’s best to do it very rarely when you absolutely have to. Changing a domain name without a notice in advance can confuse your visitors or even get them lost!

There is a set window for domain name ownership. The minimum period is a year. During the year you retain complete control over the domain.

The maximum period is three years. Keep in mind, that you can renew your domain name’s ownership when it is nearing the end of the period. When using cloudmagika, you will receive emails notifying you when this renewal period starts!

When using the domain checker you do not need to add www in front of the label.

Whether or not you want to add www before your website is a stylistic choice. The only thing you should keep in mind is that it’s advised to keep your choice consistent. That way you can keep your users from getting confused.

In the early days of the internet, www was required to access certain websites. By using this prefix, the visitors could be sure that the website is on the world wide web. Nowadays, it is self-explanatory and no longer required.

When using our domain checker for the first time, you shouldn’t think about TLDs. Instead, take the time to come up with a few domain name ideas that would work for your website.

Once you have a couple of options in mind, simply type one of them into the domain checker and click “check it”. Our tool will give you the available domains with that specific label. It will highlight both the ones that are taken and available for registration.

But that’s not all! Our domain checker will go the extra mile and provide suggestions based on your initial search term! This might be a great way to discover ideas that you didn’t think about. If a domain name you want is taken, this feature will definitely come in handy.

cloudmagika’s domain checker is completely free! Go ahead and experiment, unleash your creativity and find that perfect name.

cloudmagika prides itself on giving the power of the internet to the people! There are no special requirements when purchasing a domain name.

Although, due to the way domain registration works, we will need some personal contact details for processing. The second thing you will need is a valid payment method.

By the way, you don’t need to be an existing customer to buy a domain name or use our domain checker! If you already have a domain name that you love, you can easily point it to our servers and begin using our web hosting service. Keep in mind that it is recommended to have both your domain name and hosting provider on the same platform. This is due to potential technical issues. Having everything in one place makes troubleshooting and avoiding problems much easier!

It’s the prefix that goes at the end of a domain name. TLD stands for top-level domain. It is an integral part of a domain name.

There are many different kinds: .com, .in, .net, etc. Every prefix stands for something specific. .org is typically used by organizations, .net by various networks, .gov by government institutions. Some TLDs like .com are used for pretty much anything, although the prefix is meant to stand for “commercial”.

There are two types of TLDs: generic or gTLDs and country-code, ccTLDs for short.

Privacy protection is commonly referred to as WHOIS protection. It makes sure that you can’t be found through your domain when using WHOIS.

WHOIS is simply a public database that archives data concerning domain names and registrars. There you can find basic contact details of domain owners.

cloudmagika helps you protect your private information, by offering privacy protection!

This service will hide all of your contact information!